Fairfield County residents WANT their local news on multiple screens.

That's why we're EVERYWHERE they are.

It's Relevant Can Bring Fairfield County Residents Into Your Business.

We are the local news. Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich residents come to us everyday to know what is going on in their towns. Getting customers in the door is all about getting your message in front of the right people, and It's Relevant is a regular destination for tens of thousands of active town residents.

How Does It's Relevant Reach Local Residents?

It's Relevant has built a production and distribution network from the ground up, right here in Fairfield County. All of the news stories are original and created by a staff of full-time professional video journalists located in Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich, CT. The stories they create are delivered to the public in a variety of ways for easy viewing and sharing.

• Online via itsrelevant.com
• On the go via mobile applications on iPhone, iPad and Android Phones & Tablets
• On television through It's Relevant TV
• Via daily subscriber emails
• Through social networks and reporter feeds (with 10,000+ followers)
• Through optimized search thanks to relationships with Google and YouTube.

It's Relevant's original distribution network has connected with over 85% of the local population, delivering stories to the residents. If customers in Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich, CT are relevant to your business, It's Relevant can provide the connection you are looking for.

What Does the It's Relevant Audience Look Like?


• It's Relevant programming reaches over 130,000 local residents per month.
• The average viewer spends between two and five minutes on a video story page.
• 73% of viewers check the news on ItsRelevant.com, It's Relevant TV or on an It's Relevant Mobile Application at least a few times a week.


• It's Relevant viewers live in, work in, and shop in lower Fairfield County, CT.
• The It's Relevant audience is 62% Female and 38% Male.
• 47% of viewers have a child in the home (43% of which have a child between the ages of 9-18, 38% ages 5-9)
• 61% of viewers' households earn over $100,000/yr. and 40% earn $150,000/yr.
• 87% of It's Relevant users regularly dine out in Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich.
• 86% of viewers shop, dine and find entertainment in Stamford, 74% in Norwalk, and 50% in Greenwich.
• 70% of viewers have travelled in the past year.
• 62% of viewers go to concerts, 57% to museums, 33% to Casinos
• 42% of viewers purchased furniture this year.
• One third of viewers purchased a car this year.
• One third of viewers did home renovation this year.


• It's Relevant stories show up in over 100,000 Google searches per month.
• In the first year of partnership, It's Relevant video stories received over 1,000,000 views on YouTube.
• Virtually every new story that It's Relevant publishes is picked up by Google News within minutes, and spread to thousands in local search results.
• It's Relevant sends over 200,000 emails per month to local residents.
• It's Relevant has over 10,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter and makes an average of 100 posts per week to the social profiles.
• 85% of viewers are active on Facebook, 45% on Twitter, making it easy to spread information they care about.
• It's Relevant TV premiered just a few months ago, but has already become an installed channel on thousands of TVs.

Sources: Google Analytics, It's Relevant mobile data, It's Relevant viewer survey


It's Relevant Advertising Options

Our local media network allows us to reach your audience with a variety of geographically targetted custom packages including video, mobile, online and television. Let It's Relevant create a custom advertising plan to meet your specific marketing objectives.

View It's Relevant Ad Positions:

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All of It's Relevant's Advertising Options are:

Cost Effective & Highly Targeted
It's Relevant's customized geographic and delivery options give you exactly what you need at a price you can afford.
It's Relevant limits the number of premium ad positions and encourages the use of video to boost effectiveness of campaigns.
Well Focused 
It's Relevant promotes exposure as opposed to impressions. The layout, display time, and limited number of advertisers per page are well thought out and tested to bring maximal attention to your ad.
Easy to Do 
It's Relevant does all of the work. Unlike most broadcasters, creative services (ad design) is included with your ad purchase. Our team of designers will work with you to create and update your ads as needed on a schedule that works for you.
Cutting Edge 
It's Relevant uses the lastest technology to bring the best solutions to designing and delivering your advertising message.
Tracked and Reported
It's Relevant's ad platform measures the deliveries, exposures, and clicks for each of your advertisements. Reports can be generated and shared instantly for analysis in order to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.


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