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Class Teaches Women Self Defense

Greenwich Police help keep women safe

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Greenwich, CT | Added on June 24, 2014 At 11:26 AM

The FBI reports that a violent crime occurs every 26 seconds in the United States. The Greenwich Police Department is trying to help decrease those numbers with a Self Defense for Women Class. 

"We host a five week course, two nights a week. The training is roughly about hour and a half to two hours per night. It focuses on ground fighting, self defense techniques, escapes from standing positions, and striking primarily," said Jeff Morris, a Greenwich patrol officer and class instructor. 

The women get very hands on. They are put in potentially real life situations and taught how to safely escape. 

"The guard is the most important thing to have, and that's when you keeps your legs between the other person, or you wrap them around to control them. That's your most helpful weapon when you're on the ground," said Heather Desino, a graduate of the class. 

About 50 women graduated from the program this session, the biggest class the police department has seen so far. 

"What I generally like to say is if they can wok away with a solid understanding of how to survive on the ground, it's more important than understanding a specific choke or a specific arm lock. It shows in past studies and attacks that women that consistently fight throughout attacks have a much higher rate of survival. It's an overall theme that we want them to walk away with, not so much specific technique stuff," said Morris. 

For more information on this program, visit 

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