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We Are One Wednesday

Greenwich HS stands together on Anti-Bullying Day

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Greenwich, CT | Added on October 23, 2013 At 12:47 PM

October is National Bully Prevention Month and Greenwich High School raised awareness on the issue during We Are One Wednesday as part of Homecoming Week.


Julia Tedesco, a senior at Greenwich High School and Co-Chair of the Homecoming Committee said, “We never really focus on how we can not be bullies. I think when we come together, mix up the student center and not have sections and wear tie dye, which is like a mix of colors, and make it very prominent that we have to be together, it raises more awareness and makes people want to come together rather then just say bullying is bad.”


Jordan Larkin, a senior at Greenwich High School on the Homecoming Committee said, “We look around in the student center, we see all of us coming together. We’re all wearing tie dye, some of us may be wearing the same color and it’s just a good experience for us all and it makes us feel like a big community.”


Students say even the smallest positive gesture towards someone who may be a victim of bullying can make a difference.


Larkin added, “Smiling and just make someone’s day. You never know what little act could have made them happier or make their day. You have no idea.”


Throughout the day students were able to attend several assemblies about bullying including a presentation by C3 Athletics on "BullyProofing".


Stephane Smarth, a trainer and fighter at C3 Athletics said, “Things we can do to prevent bullying, things we can do to stop it if it is already occurring, and give these guys some statistics about bullying and the effects of it.”


In addition to providing statistics about bullying, C3 Athletics showed students various martial arts techniques they teach at their facility.


Smarth added, “We wanted to let kids know that there are different avenues you can take whether they are being bullied or they are the bully. With martial arts, there is so much discipline behind what you do. Loyalty. Respect. Honor.”


Students also signed a pledge saying, "The end of bullying begins with me" and say that the issue shouldn’t just be talked about in the high school.


Larkin added, “Bullying goes from elementary all the way up to high school. By learning at an early age, we learn how to be nice, hold doors open for each other. We learn to smile and those little things can go a long way.”


Tedesco added, “I think we can agree that middle school can be a really hard time, so I think if we show them that this isn’t cool to do when you are in high school, that they’ll get it and when they get to high school they will be leaders rather than followers and not bully other people.”


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